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Adalheida (Sweet or noble)

Adela (Pleasant, Noble)

Adele (Pleasant)

Adelia (Of the nobility, Noble)

Adelisa (Of the nobility, Noble)

Adelynn (Good humor)

Adie (Noble, kind)

Agatha (Good)

Agathe (Kind)

Agneta (Pure)

Aimee (Beloved)

Alair (Cheerful)

Alarice (All ruler)

Aldona (Archaic)

Alexandrine (Protector of mankind)

Alice (Noble, Truth)

Alicia (Sweet)

Alison (Noble, Truth)

Aliz (Noble, Truth)

Ally (Noble, Truth)

Aloisia (Famous fighting)

Alvar (Army of elves)

Alyda (Ancient)

Amalasand (Industrious)

Amara (Eternal)

Angela (Angel)

Angeletta (Little angel)

Angelique (Like an angel)

Angie (Angel of wine)

Annelise (Gracious)

Apollina (Gift from Apollo)

Arabel (Beautiful eagle)

Arcene (Silvery)

Arlise (God's oath)

Avaset (Bird)

Aveline (Nut)

Azure (Sky-blue)


Belva (Beautiful)

Berangaria (Name of a princess)

Berdine (Glorious)

Bernadete (Brave as a bear)

Berniss (One who brings victory)

Berthe (Bright)

Bess (God's oath)

Beth (God's oath)

Blanche (White, Shining)

Blondell (Fair-haired, Blonde)

Bluma (Flower, Bloom)

Brandy (Brandy drink)

Brann (Brandy drink)

Brune (Of the dark hair)


Camillei (Free-born, Noble)

Capucina (Cape)

Cara (Strong, Melody, Song)

Carina (Pure)

Carine (Pure)

Carly (Strong, Melody, Song)

Carolyn (Strong, Melody, Song)

Cary (Strong, Melody, Song)

Celesse (Heavenly)

Celestiel (Heavenly)

Celine (Blind)

Cerise (Cherry, Cherry red)

Channel (Channel)

Chantal (Singer)

Chantell (Singer)

Chantelle (Singer)

Cherrie (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Cheryle (Beloved, Dear, Darling)

Chiana (Algonquian tribe, Place Name)

Chiara (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Chloris (Pale)

Chriselda (Strong)

Ciel (Shield, Scholar)

Clarita (Bright, Shining, Clear)

Claudine (Lame)

Clayborne (Adhere, Mortal)

Coletta (Victorious)

Colette (Necklace, People's victory)

Conradina (Brave)


Dame (A lady)

Darcel (Dark)

Darcey (Dark)

Delma (Noble protector)

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Denyse (Of dionysus)

Desarae (The one desired)

Desirae (So long hoped for, Crave, Desire)

Devana (Divine)

Devonna (Divine)

Devonne (Divine)

Di (Divine)

Diamanta (Like a diamond)

Diane (Divine)

Diannah (Divine)

Dietlinde (Unknown)

Domenique (Of the Lord)

Doreen (Golden)

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Edda (Vigorous battle maiden)

Elayna (Shining light)

Elayne (Light)

Elicia (Devoted to God)

Elisa (Consecrated to God)

Elisha (Devoted to God)

Elita (Chosen)

Elizabeth (God's oath)

Elke (Noble, Truth)

Ellaine (Shining light)

Elsbeth (God's oath)

Elsie (Consecrated to god)

Emelia (Industrious, Eager)

Emera (Industrious leader)

Emmeline (Hardworking)

Emmylou (Whole or complete)

Engleberta (Bright angel)

Erma (Complete War goddess)

Ernesta (Earnest, Vigorous)

Estee (Star)

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Estelle (Star)

Etta (Little one)


Faunia (Fawn)

Fawna (Young deer)

Fayanna (Trust, Faith)

Fayette (Little fairy)

Felicia (Great happiness)

Felisberta (Intelligent)

Florrie (Flower)

Francene (Free)

Frances (Free)

Frederica (Peaceful ruler)

Fredricka (Peaceful ruler)

Frieda (Peace, joy)


Galatee (White)

Galiana (Supreme One)

Garland (Crowned in victory)

Geneva (Of the race of women, White wave)

Genevia (Juniper berry)

Genevie (Of the race of women)

Genivee (Of the race of women)

Georgine (Farmer)

Gerda (Protection)

Gerdie (Protected)

Gisela (A pledge, Oath)

Gricelda (Gray; gray-haired)

Grizelda (Endless patience)

Gudruna (Divine knowledge)


Hadu (Vigorous battle maiden)

Halfrida (Peaceful heroine)

Hedvige (Fighter)

Hedwig (Refuge in battle)

Hedy (Strife)

Helaine (Bright one, Most beautiful woman)

Henriella (Rules the home)

Herta (Of the earth)

Hettie (Rules her household)

Hilde (Noble)

Hildimar (Glorious)

Holle (Beloved)

Hulde (Beloved)


Idna (Active)

Idonia (Industrious)

Iolanthe (Violet)

Irmigard (War goddess)

Isabel (God's oath)

Isolda (Rule of ice)