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Unique Belgian Boy Names & Meanings


Jacques (Supplanter)

Jakoh (Supplanter)

Janez (God's gracious gift)

Jarman (From Germany, Bud)

Jay (Bluejay)

Jeffrey (Divine peace)

John-paul (God is merciful)

Johnn (God is merciful)

Jonn (God is merciful)

Jordon (To descend, To flow)

Joshka (Unknown)

Jules (Youthful)

Julien (Jove's child)


Karcsi (Strong, Manly)

Karl (Strong, Manly)

Karlyn (Strong)

Kelian (Fight, Cell, Strife, Small water channel)

Kellen (Swamp)

Kilian (Fight, Cell, Strife, Small water channel)

Killian (Fight, Cell, Strife, Small water channel)

Koen (Honest advisor)

Konstantin (Steadfast)

Kuno (Honest advisor)

Kyler (Archer)


Lambret (Light of land)

Lancelin (Servant)

Landers (From the grassy plain)

Landmari (Famous land)

Lasalle (The hall)

Lee (The king)

Lennard (Brave as a Lion)

Leo (Lion-hearted)

Leodegrance (Lion)

Leonore (Shining light)

Leopold (Prince of the people)

Leroux (The red-haired one)

Lion (Young lion)

Lodovico (Famous warrior)

Loring (Warrior)

Lotario (Warrior)

Louis, Lewis (Warrior)

Lowell (Young wolf)

Lughaidh (Famous fighter)


Maarten (Fondness of war)

Madelhari (War counselor)

Madelon (Woman from Magdala)

Mallory (War counselor)

Manneville (From the great estate)

Marceau (God of war)

Marcello (God of war)

Masen (Stone worker)

Maslen (Little twin)

Mathieu (Gift of God)

Mayne (Powerful)

Meinke (Firm)

Merlin (Falcon)

Merrick (Famous, Of the sea)

Meyer (Farmer)

Mikel (Like God)

Miquel (Like God)

Montgomery (Mountain hunter)

Myril (Famous, Of the sea)


Natale (Christmas)

Nev (New village)

Norice (Caretaker)

Norman (From the north)

Normie (From the north)


Odbart (Wealthy)

Odo (Name of a bishop)

Olley (Olive tree)

Olly (Olive tree)

Omar (Famous)

Ormand (Serpent)

Orvalle (From the golden village)

Othmann (Wealthy)

Otilio (Wealthy)


Paige (Young attendant)

Pascal (Born on Easter)

Pascali (Born on Easter)

Peer (A rock Form of Peter)

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Peppi (Petitioner)

Perren (Rock, Stone)

Perryn (Rock, Stone)

Phillipe (Loves horses)

Piercy (Rock)

Piers (Rock)

Plat (From the flat land)

Porteur (Gatekeeper, Carrier)

Portier (Gatekeeper)

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Quent (Fifth-born child)

Quentrell (Fifth-born child)


Rainhard (Strong judgment)

Rald (Famous leader)

Rance (A kind of Belgian marble)

Ranier (Strong counselor)

Rayder (Counselor)

Raylen (Counselor)

Raymond (Guards wisely)

Rayner (A wise warrior)

Reiner (Counsel)

Renaud (Brave one)

Rene (Reborn)

Renne (To rise again)

Rey (Regal)

Reynard (Strong counselor)

Reynart (Brave one)

Ricard (Powerful ruler)

Rick (Powerful ruler)

Rickard (Powerful ruler)

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Ricker (Powerful ruler)

Ricky (Powerful ruler)

Rikkert (Powerful ruler)

Ringling (A ring)

Riocard (Powerful ruler)

Rob (Bright, Famous)

Robb (Bright, Famous)

Roch (Glory)

Rodel (Famous ruler)

Rodgers (Famous spearman)

Rodrik (Famous ruler)

Roger (Famous spearman, quiet)

Roland (Famous soldier)

Roosevelt (Field of roses)

Rosey (Field of roses)

Rosie (Field of roses)

Rossiter (Red Surname)

Roth (Red-haired)

Rousse (Red haired)

Rowland (Famous soldier)

Royale (Noble one)

Rudy (Wolf)

Ruprecht (Bright, Famous)

Russ (Red haired)

Russel (Red haired)


Sauville (From the willow farm)

Schuyler (Shield, Scholar)

Searle (Manly)

Selik (Blessed)

Seton (from Baron's estate)

Sevrin (Strict, Restrained)

Silvestre (Trees, Sylvan)

Sky (Shield, Scholar)

Skye (Shield, Scholar)

Skylar (Shield, Scholar)

Skyler (Shield, Scholar)

Spangler (Tinsmith)

Steinmetz (Stone)

Stine (Stone)


Tahbert (Brilliant)

Talbot (Bloodhound)

Taylor (Tailor)

Tearlach (Manly)

Theo (The boldest)

Theon (Untamed)

Tretan (Walks)

Trever (Crossing)

Tristian (Outcry)

Troilus (Place name)


Udolf (Wolf ruler)

Uli (Noble leader)

Ulz (Noble leader)


Valeray (Brave)

Vallois (A Welshman)

Vayle (From the vale)

Verddun (From the green hill)

Verner (Defending Army)

Verrill (True)

Viau (Lively)

Vidal (Life)


Wagner (Wagon driver)

Waldemar (Famous ruler)

Waldo (Divinely powerful)

Walt (Powerful ruler)

Wareine (Guardian)

Weber (Weaver)

Wesley (The west meadow)

Wiatt (Guide)

Wilhelm (German form of William)

Willard (Bold, Resolute)

Wilmer (Resolute, Famous)

Wolfric (Wolf ruler)


Xavier (January, enlightened)